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Christian Business Development 101


There is something going on in the world that has made your success (the Christian people’s) one of the most important things you should pursue. According to scripture, Joshua 1:8 promises you good success if you follow the law. For those who do not know the law of God, be guided by this in your study of it – love one another.

If we are to truly reach the 4 corners of the Earth with His gospel we will need time, energy, influence and money – we need a lot of it. You literally require millions and billions of dollars to accomplish the good works you will be charged to do. This is not a message of greed, but rather one of duty. The money and resources you acquire are to be re-invested into the Kingdom. It is not for your personal satisfaction. It is fine to use some of it for yourself but the truth is we are all running out of grace and God wants America to show the world how to love one another and worship Him too. It is our primary goal to dismantle the world system in vigorous boldness, and replace it with what belongs to Him.

God told us in Genesis that we are to have dominion over the whole Earth, then to be fruitful and multiply. Some scholars might be thinking: “but Mike, He said he handed the world over to the wicked.” I say study more. What God did was hand over the wicked to a reprobate mind of mammon-serving, and they have so far been more successful than us in battle. The bloodline has been corrupted since Eve and Adam’s disobedience, however, causing the massive amount of problems we see today, which have seemingly overwhelmed the entire planet – from economic challenges to energy and social challenges. It is our job as Christians to abolish racism, lack, poverty, violence, and war. 

If I were to personify the devil in physical form I would call him the Illuminati. The Illuminati’s goal was originally to get rid of different political views, religions, and replace everything with a unified goal. This was the same goal of the times of Babylon – to unify everyone and build a tower to Heaven. God recognized that they had misplaced their unity and used it to display a grand work of disobedience. Unity is powerful, and is definitely a real threat that can be used against the enemy, but also against Christians.

The evil in this world knows how to unify for a goal larger than themselves. They have made us docile with their systems. Many of us want things the way they are because let’s face it – life is pretty easy today. We do not need to hunt or migrate. We don’t need to chop wood or fend off wolves. We do not even need to settle our own disputes thanks to police.

But the reality is we are living in a system that we are borrowing – it is disguised as good but inherently evil because today’s Babylon (who could very well be the devil or the Illuminati) is lending the system of ease to us while they secretly gain all the wealth and power for themselves. I would even go as far to say that the American constitution was not even meant for us, but in reality it was meant to debase English monarchy from power so it could be redistributed to the new elite – America’s Babylon, the tyrannical evil.

Let me tell you this, also: one day they will try to take it all away from us. And most people will not know they did it. How? Plenty of ways. Our economy runs on a combination of math, money, and voodoo. Our paper money like all paper money always returns to its intrinsic value which is nothing. Our economy is extremely fragile and all the elite banksters have to do is shut down – then we will not even have money to buy food, fill up our cars, pay rent, and pay utilities. There will be no jobs because nobody will ever be able to withdraw anything. That already happened in the great depression. That is because when people panic they run to the ATM. But many do not realize that only a tenth of our money is in cash. And guess who has all the cash? The Illuminati. But it will be too difficilt to prosecute and bring to justice because everybody took part in the problem. Our financial system is backed by debt, and we have become slaves to it. In fact when one person gets rich and deposits his riches in the bank, he or she makes 9x more debt available to the system. That is how our banking industry works now. Which reminds me – if you can do so safely, keep your money in cash in a safe or hard assets like gold and silver or land.

Or it could be that our economy magically rebounds but then 40 years from now we run out of oil. Check out a website called world stats – it shows that we only have about 38 years of oil left. Everything from transportation to plastics and medicine run on oil. But even though we have the technology to replace it with something renewable, such as algae oil, we don’t. That too is done by design.

The 70’s oil crisis cause massive riots and disfunction. That was right here in America. Think it cannot happen? It already happened. And now half of our oil comes from countries who we are at war with. Hmm… not good.

So the problem we Christians face today is dismantling this system and replacing it with one that promotes harmony. We need to take up our cross and advance against the enemy. This does mean we need to develop new businesses and gain influence in the world. We need to take market share back from a world that stole from us! And finally it is our charge not to be consumed by the wealth we hold after this, but rather use it against our enemies. This is not serving mammon, this is serving your duty. 

The cost of not doing anything is death. It is sin to allow the evil tyranny of men go unchecked, which is what we do every single day we refuse to advance. This is a spiritual war. And the time is now to fight it!


  1. The issue that I had was that being saved and baptized by immersion was NOT sufficient to take communion. The person also had to have been baptized in a church that taught eternal seyriutc.”It amazes me that there are people with seminary degrees who hold to a position like that with no biblical support whatsoever.