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Danny’s Mini Mart – Great Pizza, Low Price

Danny's Mini Mart


Danny’s Mini Mart

is one of the best places in Warren you can buy pizza. Trust me, I’m a New Yorker. I know a thing or two about good pizza. What I didn’t expect was their New Yorker price. See, contrary to popular belief, the pizza is New York is so common that it actually doesn’t cost that much. In fact, I could buy a giant slice, perhaps a foot and a half long, for about a dollar a few years ago. At Danny’s you can too. You can get a large pizza for just over $7. The best thing is they are almost as fast as Little Caesars’s except 10 times as good tasting. I use them to replace my dinner at least once a week. They’re fast, good, and inexpensive.

I met Jack, one of the owners, when he first took over the location on 9 1/2 Mile & Van Dyke. Before he got there the place was dull and nothing was ever in stock. It was not a place anyone wanted to go. Today, he has turned it into a warm and inviting local superstore. It rivals Shopper’s Market in my opinion. There is always home-cooked food near the pizza section and the prices are always so low. I am surprised more people don’t know about it. I think the best part of it is Jack himself, though. He’s just that kind of humble person who you can sit down and have a beer with – although he’d probably prefer black tea.

Feel free to check out the full menu here: Danny’s Mini Mart