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Don’t Knock The New Year’s Resolution

Big Goals

Big Goals – The One Tradition That Works

I saw a ton of Facebook posts of people making fun of others’ New Year resolutions, but I didn’t get why they would be so mean about it. You see, the top earners in America, top CEOs, and most effective people of history have always made goal-setting a regular habit. By regular, I mean daily. Some do it in the morning and again at night. They constantly write new goals down. I did this experiment to see what would happen in my own life some years ago. I wrote a very detailed set of goals down for my physical health, money, and learning (I wanted to learn programming at the time). I wrote them and re-wrote them almost every day for about 6 months. Here were the goals:

  1. Master programming in PHP & C++
  2. Lose 50 pounds (as short as I am, I should not weigh 200 pounds)
  3. Double Income

The results after 1 year:

  1. I learned 8 programming languages and can code almost anything on the computer or Android.
  2. I lost 50 pounds.
  3. My income did double. It more than doubled actually. Looking to double it again soon.

That’s why I don’t ever make fun of people doing a New Year’s resolution and you shouldn’t either. What you should do is encourage them to do it more frequently. Once a year produces average or less than average results. My results came from doing it every day and following it up with prayer. It also came from learning how to accomplish these goals. Stay thirsty for success, my friends.