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Fed Rate Hike Again, What It Means, & The IMF Challenges To Come


I’ve been an avid “economic appraiser” for a couple years now ever since my friend Dan, a former co-worker (and academic economist) I admire greatly, gave me insight on exactly how bad it is out there in the voodoo world of financial markets and monetary policy. Let me explain Dan to you in a few words – quiet genius, true patriot, classic man. He wouldn’t appreciate a very detailed analysis of him on the internet though, so I’ll leave it at that. But Dan took me under his wing in many ways, and I owe him for it.

Dan would take time out of his work day to discuss economics with me. We would exchange ideas about that, morals, America, theology, and even God. He literally changed my life in the short time I was around that job. One day I asked him this: “Dan, in your expert opinion, what would fix this system?” He simply said, “Nothing. It’s a race to the bottom [and we’re winning].” He went on to explain that everything would become more primitive after a major market correction like what will eventually come to America. 

For now, it still works. The financial and credit systems of America work very well. America controls the entire world’s money. Thats why even the poorest of us live so well, better than everybody in fact. We enjoy wealth, a high consumption lifestyle, and pretty much anything we want. This is due to one fact – our greatest export.

No, it is not wheat. It is not corn. It is not our cars or our software. It’s not even our military services. It is paper and ink. Our greatest export is the dollar itself. Think about it – China is the world’s manufacturing super-power, yet our economy is still nearly double its size. India has vastly cheaper services, but we win there too.

That’s because of America’s partnership with the International Monetary Fund. The IMF holds a basket of major currencies to help currency and economic stability in case of a crisis. And for the last 60 or so years (since WWII) we have had the priviledge of holding the world’s reserve currency – the US Dollar. Without this, we would have hyper inflated 30 years ago when we left the gold standard. Nobody else has the ability to make international monetary policy like we do either, because we hold 16% of the veto power for the IMF, while simultaneously controlling credit card transactions. Put simply, that means all other countries have to play ball, else the IMF and the US will wage a financial war more devastating than bombs and guns could ever be. Because we literally control the movement of trade.

However, in order to convince everybody that we are still strong we have to strengthen the dollar from time to time, usually by raising interest rates. The end result of this causes the dollar to be more valuable but it slows growth and borrowing too. It can also cause deflation and economic contraction, particularly in a time such as this where expansion and growth has neared its limits. Now onto the IMF. 

In 2017, our position with the IMF may be challenged, because China, Russia, India, Brazil, and I believe Switzerland are merging their powers to form what is known as BRICS, a new banking, credit, and transaction system that could give them 17% of IMF veto control, with China and Russia at the forefront of this new movement, since they have the stronger economies or power of the bunch.

Losing our stance as the world’s reserve currency would definitely stop life as we know it right now. Does it make sense why we are in constant threat of war with Russia and China? Our military stance is our warning – “You better not,” says America. But a war could be inevitable for all the reasons mentioned. However, a war against the other two most powerful nations would likely cripple us. We can’t take on everybody with military might alone. But we can with financial control, which is why we must keep it at all costs!

The end ramification of losing our financial control is starvation, preceded by massive job loss, bankruptcies, housing crashes, desperate political power grabs, martial law, and revolution. In an instant we would lose it all. Things are very delicate right now.

The main reason for me telling you all this is not to spread fear but to remind you to never be comfortable. Nothing is entitled to you and you are not promised a good life. How would you do life if you had cancer? Well, cancer is in our credit system. How doth thou choose life now?