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How Did Microsoft Get So Big?


How Did Microsoft Get So Big?

Microsoft is synonymous with “tech giant” and “technology” for certain, however, one of the main focuses the business serves as is actually the control of flow of content such as news and media. This was one of the major goals of the software. Its purpose in the beginning was to create useful software in order to increase productivity and empower business owners. But what most people never looked at was the fact that it had enough of a user base to manipulate mass media. This was coupled with the advent of the internet, which pretty much embodies the use of computers and cell phones as we know it today.

MSN was not a noteworthy news outlet until the Microsoft operating system made it so. Today, it is one of the top 100 websites in the entire world (of which there are more than 1 billion websites in total). This goes to show what you can do with a large user base. What Microsoft uses this for is to give its “food for thought” into financial markets and promote its own products. Bing’s goals will soon show the same intent in the near future as it continues to take market share of the search industry.

All this is great but how did it really get so big? Software isn’t new and has been around since before Microsoft. Apple is credited for making operating systems more user friendly. The major penetration into the market place actually came from a series of legal prowess. Gates’s mother was prominent in law and he learned at an early age the power of a contract. This is what gave Microsoft software the ability to require compatibility with certain hardware companies. Of course there was also the whole deal about Microsoft’s ability to undermine IBM. The contract in that deal forced IBM to pay Microsoft a percentage of their profits from computers sales, on all computers, regardless of whether or not they used Microsoft operating systems. To get the most for their money, they were obviously encouraged to sell systems pre-bundled with Microsoft, MS DOS at the time. Regardless, it was this deal that made Microsoft a software monopoly.

If the consumer market had a choice from the get-go, they would’ve most likely chosen Apple products. But the platform war waged by Microsoft convinced most people that they’d better be using Microsoft and if they desired another OS, particularly Linux, it would remain a secondary choice as a duel boot option. Microsoft also leads the market for gaming as Linux and Mac often have compatibility issues for most games, although they are getting better at adapting whether it be compatibility software like Wine or through deals with the game vendors themselves.


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