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How The Federal Reserve Runs & Owns America

EGW Big Thought
EGW Big Thought

I firmly believe some entities, principalities, are here on behalf of God in case of judgement. Much of our prosperity can be accredited to the amount of “God branding” we do as a country. For example, “In God we trust” on the back of every dollar bill. Whether it is referring to God the father or the god of this world (Satan) probably doesn’t matter so much as long as our people are giving thanks to the Father and not Lucifer.

America is known for being a largely Christian nation, albeit dwindling in numbers and influence. However, that is the reason why we were given the blessing of fortune, dominion, and happiness. But I also believe God is a righteous God who judges too. And most obvious to me is that He allowed evil principalities to be in this Earth, and in America, in order to bring the country to its knees should we openly depart from the faith. One such system is the Federal Reserve Bank.

There is nothing federal about it. It is a private bank of which 51% of it is owned by the Rothschild banking family of London, England. They dictate the literal amount of money in circulation for us “independent” Americans. Here is how it works very simpy:

1. Government needs cash. (The treasury usually only has enough of it to cover 2 weeks of federal expenses).

2. Federal Reserve creates cash in the form of electronic digits, which allows banks to print them in physical form during the need of withdrawls.

3. United States sells its GDP to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank buys treasury bonds with essentially nothing and the government pays interest.

For every dollar printed, a dollar and change is assumed in government debt. Therefore, the government will always be in debt. In fact, it will always have more debt than cash.

We are just starting to realize this at the tip of the iceburg now, as our debt is approaching GDP, and even surpassing in according to some estimates. For those of you who don’t know what GDP is, it is the sum total of all America’s goods and services. Currently it is measured in dollars. Because it is measured in dollars we can solve most problems like this by printing more dollars, devaluing the currency like China is doing now.

This is likely to be the plan of President Trump, which is the “least intrusive” plan that best allows us all to go on like normal for a little while longer. But eventually we will have to pay the piper, who is, in this case, the same Britains who we supposedly gained independence from.

Another problem is that governments only have one asset – which is you and me. This arrangement between the treasury and the banks eventually leads to the dissolution of liberties, whether concentual or not. Right now it is being done incrementally. A dollar yesterday was worth more than itself today and this trend will start to get worse rapidly. The end result that everybody is already realizing is that you end up working harder for less. Your challenge then is to find ways to increase your income enough to outpace inflation. Better yet, gain an understanding of truly independent living. How do you get your water? Food? Shelter? Who really owns what? If the grocery stores closed down what would you do? Eventually, this will be a reality.