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How To Create Instant Capital

Creating Wealth for your Children's Children

Reasons to buy life insurance
How To Create Instant Capital

Looking To Get Rich Quick?

It can be done, but probably not in the way that you’re thinking. Wealth, leaving an inheritance for your children’s children is your biblical responsibility. Not many people know that growing your wealth is a matter of responsibility and stewardship, not to mention it is a part of your duty to live up to what God believes your full potential is. But many uneducated people believe this is about cash, cars, and cribs rather than principle.

There is one way that I know of where you can become extremely wealthy for yourself and your family without having even as much as a second job – life insurance. Life insurance is the only way to create instant capital. After your first premium and the sign of the pen (more powerful than the sword) you and your whole family become as wealthy as your policy terms without putting a dime in the bank. Your company takes that money and invests it at varying rates.

Whole life policies are like an investment account that you can’t touch. You pay into the policy and are usually able to borrow against it. The interest rates are considerably lower than term policies.

Term policies from Primerica average 9% and over. The idea behind a term policy is that you should be able to accumulate the amount of wealth your policy is worth within a certain time frame. My policy, for instance, guarantees I will be worth a minimum of $250,000. The cost was minimal for this promise – a mere $67. That’s because I’m 26, but that’s also without any medical checks or things that might complicate the policy in the event of my death. But this is certainly enough money to buy one or even two houses for my wife and kids, something I can provide while I’m alive. This just promises them that they are safe from almost any financial risk whether I’m here or not. It’s a smart move for business men also – because wills and estate issues often arise. A life insurance policy covers you financially while those issues settle.

Consider for a moment if every person you knew had a policy. Economic situations would change on a national scale and poverty would be a thing of the past for many. This is the only instant way to wealth I know of to-date, and it guarantees you regardless of crises financially, personally, or economically.