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New Walmart Slogan Says Think 6. Illuminati Confirmed. Alex Jones & America’s End

Illuminati Confirmed Logo

New Walmart Slogan Says Think 6. Illuminati Confirmed. Alex Jones & America’s End!

If you’ve seen his YouTube channel, you’re already aware of how easy it is to make the stretch from a simple Walmart logo and connect it to the dark underworld of the Illuminati. In more serious fashion, you have probably heard of their name from just about any “truther” channel or conspiracy website.

The terms “New World Order” and “Illuminati” are actually pretty mainstream now. Just over a year ago those terms were barely mentioned or heard of, at least openly. But in recent times they are almost household phrases now. Conspirators might tell you that they are finally breaking ground and “waking up” people but I would find that hard to believe. If the Illuminati are as serious and cunning as they claim they are, it is highly unlikely that this information is coming out without them letting that happen, particularly if they hold high rankings in government and big corporations like Microsoft and Google.

My big issue with truther channels is that they tend to draw very big conclusions with very little proof most of the time. The king of conspirators, Alex Jones, at least offers proof in his articles and brings on credible guests. This is not the case for most of them, however, who usually only offer some commentary. However, it is clear that the vast majority of his ratings come from people looking for an emotional roller coaster ride, because the videos which gather the widest audiences are usually him going off on some kind of rant. We saw this first happen during his Piers Morgan debate on gun control.

They only let out what they want let out. On a serious note, it is likely that this is part of their goal, which is to be “open” to the public in their end game. We need to be vigilant, but not so overly vigilant that we lose track of reality. The numbers don’t lie and they continuously point to the fact that there are plenty more of “us” than there are of “them.” And that if we only unify on some basic principles such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of God, then we aren’t going to lose very much of anything. We might be trading with gold, silver, and grains again rather than dollar bills but think about it – will that really be such a bad thing?

The Illuminati gained their foothold early on by exploiting our own sinful nature. One of the early goals of the Illuminati and Freemasons was to produce new ideas, products, infrastructure(s), and similar ideals to create an easier life for us here and now. Once those ideals gained a foothold, we became dependent upon them. A good example of this might be credit or convenience stores. We used to depend on what we could personally grow or hunt to eat. Today that isn’t the case anymore. So the solution is not vigorously fighting against gun control or ban the Disney Channel as if either of those things are actually harming the dark organization, but rather give our souls back to God. And I’m talking about Jesus Christ, by the way. This way there wont be any sinful nature to exploit.

The Big Business of Illuminati

The entire world seems to be chasing money, power, and respect at all costs. It is a sick game. In reality, when you are personally financially successful, because of our debt-backed money supply, you are actually contributing to the system. It is a system which creates wealth for a few over a period of time while robbing the rest of the population, enslaving them through debt. Money is a claim on labor, and 81% of America is tapped out on claims. We need a new system at some point, but don’t count on it happening soon if your plan is to make a new system yourself. You need Divine wisdom to get things done now, and that’s something only Jesus has.

Consider feudal times. There were kings, merchants, and peasants. Translate that today and you’ve got chairwoman Yellen, Bill Gates, and everyone else. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you’re going to rule the world or change the world by getting so big in business that you employ so many people and change things that way. It’s never going to work that way as things are right now because of the federal reserve bank. We really need a new system that works for everybody. And no I’m not talking about communism, I’m talking about capitalism but also by abolishing the federal reserve bank. Maybe that means switching over to Bitcoin, gold, silver, and diamonds. Whatever it is, it should be fair and accessible to everyone. Today’s monetary system can only possibly work for some. So get excited about the economic collapse. It’s a chance for something new.

What About Hyper-inflation?

I promise you the same people that are printing and inflating dollars aren’t going to make Dollars useless, they’re just going to make them scarce.

Deflation is what happened in the Great Depression. Deflation is what’s going to happen now. And when deflation happens, the people printing money are going to make it very easy to buy just about everything – the good land, the good businesses, and the good everything. Some think that this is good and will make the dollar stronger again. That’s true. The dollar will rise in value at insane speed, perhaps record highs. There just wont be that much of them laying around.

This is all stuff that will happen after the collapse though. And I don’t really believe it’s going to happen suddenly or soon. I believe it will happen as “they” have always done it – in slow but painful increments sprinkled with an occasional crisis. For example, Japan has been functioning with a debt-to-GDP ratio in excess of 200% for many, many years now. They haven’t collapsed yet. And America is still at a 0% interest rate. Guess what? That isn’t the lowest it can go. Japan has been in negative territory for a long time. Sure, we might see some inflation. So what? We’ve always seen inflation.

What’s the point here. The point is stop worrying so much. It has debilitated you into apathy. You can’t do anything about it. You’re not going to be able to store enough gasoline, food, ammo, etc to just simply “wait it out.” The ideal scenario is that we will come together as human beings and try to make this new world a better, more sustainable place. Things might go back in progress and we might lose our technology and luxuries but that’s kind of how things should have been all along, don’t you think? The most prepared people are the Amish.

Will America Fall?

Yes. At some point or another it will. America has risen to power very quickly. We are the youngest nation in history – not even 250 years old. 5 generations have been in America. Your grandparent’s grandparent’s mothers saw America be born from the womb of England. So there’s a chance, according to history it really wont be any time soon that it will completely crumble. It’s a very young nation. But that being said, that doesn’t mean it will stay number 1 either. Not a single dominant nation in history has ever remained number 1. Why would America be different?