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One World Currency Already In-Place

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The systems are set up and it is no longer a conspiracy but a biblical truth. The NWO is the last nation coming and we should all pray that we escape those tribulations personally and for our children. Many think that the elite are going to put the new currency in your face. Maybe so, as the devil hides most things in plain sight.

But what many fail to realize is that a system to execute a one world government is already in effect, and its catalyst is currency. It’s called SDR ( special drawing rights ), a basket of currencies held by the IMF and the US Dollar is included in it.

But why would people go for this? Consider for a moment our national debt to GDP ratio. It looks pretty bad. We would have to work and have all our money taxed for over a year to pay it off in America. That is how to solve the problem with austerity measures – taxation and budget cuts. There is a third, seemingly painless option though – raising net output of goods and services, GDP.

An easy way to do that is simply to combine nations into one, thus combining their GDP. It may first be the merging on North America, but then the root problem is never solved, so a second merge would be needed at some point. Makes sense to a spectator, but dangerous to those who know the truth because this would also lead to a consolidation of militaries and power. It could be done without outrightly changing currencies and thus remain masked for a time, until it is too late. 

Stay hungry for answers, readers, and consider all the possibilities. Know God. The day of reckoning is at hand now.