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Shocking Study Shows Women Twice As Likely To Get Pregnant

women twice as likely to get pregnant
women twice as likely to get pregnant

An official study done by the

New York LGBTQI development research institute (LGBTQIDRI – or Queer-Dri) has officially released their study on fertility levels regarding women who are among the LGBT group, and compared them to women who do not associate themselves with the group.

“The numbers are so staggering that none of my colleagues have seen anything like this in all our years of research,” predictive fertility analyst Dr. Martha Rivitati says. What researchers have found is that not one LGBT member was able to develop a fertilized egg during inter-coital relations of the same sex.

The impact of this research has some members of the LGBT community demanding that the test be retaken until it “produces a fair and equal result which levels the playing field against our homosexual counterparts,” one claims. Another simply puts it this way: “We will continue to demand equal rights until those rights produce us a baby without sperm!”

The treasurer of this non-profit group is especially concerned right now regarding the results, considering that most of its funding comes from disgruntled LGBT members trying their hardest to make life better for their grand kids, or, at least their intended grand kids assuming science will improve enough for them to produce them.

“It’s extremely alarming,” says Joseph Bleinburgensteingoldenburgh. “We will not be able to keep our doors open with results like these.”

Scientists at the firm say that if they are able to produce just one baby artificially, women outside of the LGBT group are still twice as likely to get pregnant without scientific aid.