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This One Problem With Aspiring Entrepreneurs Is Causing 99% of Their Failure


That is a funny picture from my phone I think. It made me laugh. 

Anyway, the middle class is going to eventually be wiped out. Many people have already an understanding of this and many have felt the pain of the last financial crisis during 2008.

The worst may be ahead as far as jobs, and the outlook of the middle class, not behind. And many are now beginning to believe that it might be time to start a business or some kind of side hustle to either make ends meet or get ahead. This is a worthwhile plan. But what you may not know is that this one mistake aspiring business men and women are making cost them the entire opportunity altogether.

Put simply, they just don’t try. They are afraid of making cold calls, knocking on doors, and they use “business excuses” to keep doing nothing, such as “I need to do more research first,” or “I have to file my DBA,” and “organize my office” and all sorts of things that have nothing to do with making a sale.

The sale needs to be made first, during, and last. I think many who come from the workforce believe their skills in management or their 40 hour work week is sufficient. It isn’t. Neither of those things generate revenue. The only thing which does is generating a sale. Not one thing else will surpass in importance. 

So I would urge the procrastination be put to a complete and total halt and that you start with just one cold call, one “push up,” if you will.

Earl Nightengale, the father of motivation, once said that both the successful and the unsuccessful achieved exactly what they’d tried. And if you didn’t even try then you chose to fail. I am ministering to myself a little as I urge this, because I myself also have sales reluctance at times. But the first step is usually the hardest, and I say this from the point of view of a former telemarketer and ex-smoker. How ’bout dah?

The best advice here is to eliminate all thought and reason and just jump right into whatever you’re doing. Go fast and don’t think! Who cares if you’re not doing it right immediately? At least you started. And if you’re on the wrong path you’ll find out quickly so it shouldn’t matter at first.

Planning, organization, and management systems like that are more on the radar of mid-to-large-scale businesses with large staff and different worries. That problem may be years away from some of you and even then your main role in a large company of your own will still be, in every aspect, lead salesman. Because face it, salesmen make all the money. 

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