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Trump’s Economic Plan Won’t Work

Trump's plan with oil isn't all that American


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Trump boasted to impose taxes on Ford for not bringing jobs back to America. This really resonated with people, particularly in Detroit. And couple this with his generous new tax policy, which would actually lower taxes for almost every American (and simplify it to only 4 different tax brackets instead of the current 9). But what is he really planning? In Trump terms, his goals are simple. Here they are:

  1. Create 25 million new jobs within 10 years.
  2. Reform taxes to encourage innovation within American borders by lowering tax rates.
  3. Boost growth of the GDP by 3.5% per year on average.

Disclaimer: Before I continue, I want everyone to know that I am not a democrat. I am not a republican either. I am a bibliocrat – someone who believes policies should be guided by the love of Jesus Christ (Yahshua in Hebrew). I’m an independent.  That’s good for you, the reader, because you are tired of lies and bias. And I don’t care about either party at all.

Trump claims that one of his economic goals is to “unleash American energy” which consists of oil and natural gas. The big problem here is that oil isn’t all that American. Half of our oil supply comes from the Middle East and they don’t exactly like us very much. If they were to stop supplying us with oil, what do you think that means for the US? It will end up in war.

This leads me to believe that Trump’s real economic plan is likely going to prosper us quite well, but only for a short time. Trump is going to take us to war at some point. It may be a small conflict at first, but he wants to take the oil. Syria and Russia also want control over the Syrian pipelines, which is why this situation is so delicate. War tends to do well for economies in the short term, but it also adds to the need for borrowing and more credit from banks.

My personal conclusion is that Trump has a great tax plan and I believe it will bring in new business opportunities for America. I believe he can create new jobs for us. But I am equally concerned about his agenda with oil. Renewable energy is sustainable and will break our dependence from foreign countries. Algae-based oil is a viable option for energy and it will enable us to create massive amounts new infrastructure jobs. Of course, it doesn’t really matter who is president for this to happen. It has always been up to us, the people.